NL Federation of School Councils

Welcome back to the 2017-18 School Year

Welcome back

On behalf of the executive of the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of School Councils – welcome back to a new school year!

September is always an exciting time for children, teachers and parents. There are so many activities to look forward to and numerous learning opportunities awaiting. The NLFSC Executive is very proud of our students and their past educational accomplishments and look forward to celebrating their successes in 2016-17.

With another year starting we encourage parents, guardians, community representatives and students to become involved in local School Councils. (Please note all schools, in the province, must have a School Council in place by October 15th.)

Parents and guardians are a critical component in the academic success of students therefore it is important to be active participants in your child’s education. Offering yourself as a member of a School Council is one way to have direct input in important educational decisions in your school community. Parents who are actively involved in their children’s education and school acquire a better understanding of the complexities of the education system. They have more confidence in their school and are eager to contribute to the atmosphere and life of the school.

The goal of the NLFSC executive is to work in partnership with School Councils to ensure the best educational experience possible for our children. NLFSC is committed to enhancing the quality of school programs and improving the level of student achievement in the schools, however in order to fulfil this role we need to be fully aware of any issues and concerns.”

During the 2017-18 school year NLFSC will be partnering with other educational agencies.

We will also advocate on other educational issues, which are sure to arise, throughout the year. In the meantime, best wishes for a new school year filled with successes, challenges, innovations and celebrations – and most of all, lots of learning!”

For more information please call our office at (709) 227- 2079, or email us at