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Changes to the Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting Policy

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September 25, 2017 (St. John’s) —The Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of School Councils (NLFSC) commends the English School District for implementing changes and improvements to their Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting policy.

These changes regarding the infamous “No Zero” policy has been a concern of our School Councils and parents over the past few years and was made a priority in a resolution passed at our 2014 Annual General Meeting,” said NLFSC President Paulette Fifield. “Our members were very concerned about the message it was sending to students when it came to not handing in assignments on time, showing up for tests and cheating. There were basically little or no consequences for those actions – teacher’s hands were tied.”

Under the new policy, teachers will now be able to deduct marks when assignments are handed in late, and there will be ramifications for students caught cheating.

These changes are fairer to the students who work hard to meet assignment deadlines,” adds Fifield. “It also means students will not be able to hand in assignments at the end of the school year which created a massive amount of reading and correcting for teachers on top of exam preparation and writing.”

We understand the policy allows schools to develop their own implementation guidelines based on what is best for their school community; however there will be a province wide consistency in practice and approach. We support the fact that administrators will set standards, while teachers retain autonomy in dealing with specifics.

In order for this policy to work as intended, the decisions made by our teachers, must be valued and supported.


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