NL Federation of School Councils

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week 2016

Teacher Staff Appreciation Week Feb14 – 20, 2016
Teacher Staff Appreciation Week (TSAW) Newfoundland and Labrador will be held from February 14 – 20, 2016.
During the week please take time to acknowledge your school staff for all they do and give to our students. The activities during TSAW do not have to be costly – even a simple handwritten note or Thank You card goes a long way in reiterating to our teachers and school staff that they are valued. Our teachers and school staff play an integral role in the success of our students, TSAW provides us with an opportunity to highlight and thank them for their hard work and dedication.
National Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week was founded in 1988 by the Canadian Home and School Federation. The week provides parents, grandparents, care givers and others, concerned with children and their education, an opportunity to join in nation-wide celebrations of support for Canada’s schools and their teachers and other staff members.
Our educators and school staff lend their passion and skills to educating our children. The Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of School Councils encourages parents, and the community at large, to acknowledge teachers and staff for their contributions to the education system.

Here are a few ideas and suggestions to assist with the celebration of this special week:
Monday – Hang a We Love Our Teachers/Staff banner on the front of the school. Place a red apple with a note from the Home and School Association/School Council in each mailbox or on each desk.
(Dont forget the bus drivers and custodians). Make a daily draw for a donated prize.
Tuesday – Hang a collage made of photos of teachers/staff and students at work and play and decorate the halls with balloons and paper apples on which the students have written stories, poems or drawn pictures. Serve coffee and treats in the staff room. – Daily draw.
Wednesday – Place flowers in staff room. Serve a buffet lunch. Be sure to arrange for supervision so all teachers and staff can attend. – Daily draw.
Thursday – Have cheese platters and a fruit basket in the staff room. Give each staff member a bag filled with pens, notepaper, etc.- Daily draw.
Friday – Hold a Teacher/Staff Appreciation Tea and invite parents and the community. – Daily draw or draws depending on the number of prizes that have been donated by local businesses. – Raffle grand prize winner draw.
Every school has dedicated Teachers and other school staff members such as Secretaries, Teacher Assistants, Nurses, Bus Drivers and Custodians.
TSAW lets them know that they are appreciated; that we want to work with them and that we are on the same team.