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Funding for School Councils and Parent Group promised

November 19, 2015 (Avondale)The Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of School Councils is pleased the leaders of the three political parties have publically committed to providing School Councils across Newfoundland and Labrador with an operational budget of $500.

President Peter Whittle asked the three leaders if they formed the next government would they show they valued the role of school councils by ensuring they had the resources necessary to fulfilling the role mandated to them by the Education Act.

Whittle says School Councils support their local schools for the benefit not only of their own children, but also for the whole school community. They contribute hours of their time and are justifiably proud of the work they do. While School Councils are mandated through the School Act (1997), funding is not provided to individual councils to operate or have resources to assist their individual school agendas and needs

Many other governments across Canada provide school boards with annual base funding to fund Parental Involvement Initiatives.

All three leaders pledged that if they formed the government they would provide each school council with $500 and restore the NLFSC operating grant, which has been severely cut over the past four years.

In order to attend provincial meetings, hosted by the Federation, many council members have to incur out of pocket expenses or take from their schools operational grant. Because of the expense, the attendance at our meetings has been extremely poor, which is very unfortunate, especially since these meetings provide much needed Professional Development for our councils and allow them to network and share ideas with each other.

For years, NLFSC has lobbied the Department of Education and government for changes to increase funding for school councils

The pledge was made during a Leaders Forum on Education held in St. Johns on Nov. 18. The annual operating budget of $500 per School Council will be totally separate from, and in addition to, each schools operating and instructional fund.