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NLFSC ends school year with praise for students and teachers and promises to continue advocacy


Thursday, June 25, 2015 (St. Johns) As the 2014-15 school years draws to a close the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of School Councils (NLFSC) congratulates students, educators and school staff for their many accomplishments, and remains committed to addressing the many educational concerns affecting schools across the province.

“As we reach the end of another school year we want to take the opportunity to commend our students and teachers for their focus on learning,” said Peter Whittle, President of the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of School Councils. “We are very proud of our students. They are achieving what generations before them could not and are able to take their place academically in the global community. Of all the great resources this province has to offer, our children are our most valuable. What we invest in them today has a ripple effect that reaches far into the future. We are equally as proud of our teachers and administrators who enrich our schools, inspire our students and make learning both dynamic and enjoyable. During the past year our administrators and teachers have ensured that our schools are not just places where learning is an ongoing process, but places are where nurturing, supporting and building confidence are the immeasurable motivators to academic success.”

The NLFSC executive says their educational advocacy will continue and, in some cases, has only begun.

The NLFSC executive believes the issues our students face, in and out of school, are increasing at an alarming rate and our teachers are expected to do more with less, said President Whittle. As School Councils we must mobilize the power we have as an organization and continue to identify and lobby for change. When school reopens in September, the executive is anticipating many concerns especially when the impact of the loss of approximately 77.5 teaching units in our schools and classrooms becomes a reality to parents and School Council members. However the our organization is determined to continue to ask the necessary questions regarding the inadequacies in our education system and advocate on behalf of our students.

For more information please contact: Peter Whittle at: (709) 687-1998